Melbourne Design & Production
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Design service we provide


As a proud Australian company we strive to provide the highest quality, custom design solutions to our clients. Just a few of the products we have designed:

  • Design proposals for gates, railings, balcony's & safety rails.
  • Ornamental and wrought iron gates.
  • Stairs hand rails, platforms, decks.
  • Residential steel frames.
  • Custom design work.
  • Custom sheet metal profiles for cutting, folding and fabrication.
  • Custom window frames / panels.
  • F.E.A. (Finite Element Analysis) for new and existing steel frames, trolley's and other load bearing structures
  • Load limit calculations and S.W.L. (Safe Working Load) certificate.
  • Engineering services

These are just a few of the areas were can provide design and engineering services for your project.

Drafting service we provide


Drafting is an inherent component of the design process, as such we provide an extensive drafting service for any stage of your project. These might include conceptual drawings, drafts for B.O.M. (bill of material), drawings for project engineer approval and finally workshop drawings:

  • Custom parts to repair existing machinery.
  • Gates, railings, balcony's & safety rails.
  • Stairs hand rails, platforms, decks.
  • Commercial structural steel frames.
  • Residential structural steel.
  • Custom design work.
  • Drawings for CNC Water / Laser / Oxy Cutting of custom components.
  • Custom sheet metal cutting / folding and welding.
  • Residential plans for council applications.
  • Custom window frames / panels.
  • Paper/pdf to CAD services.

These are just a few of the areas were can provide drawings for your project.

Production service we provide


Melbourne Design & Production is primarily a design and drafting company. We work closely with TIB Welding for all of our fabrication and on site fit out requirements. With a fully equipped fabrication workshop on site, TIB Welding consults with us during the fabrication process to ensure the product is exactly as specified by our client.